Design & Installation
We enable businesses to be successful by designing and installing Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN/WAN) that maximize the potential of voice and data technologies to facilitate the exchange of information.

We will design and install a network solution that's right for you, whether you are upgrading your existing LAN/WAN infrastructure or launching a new business.

From wiring to LAN switching, through Internet connectivity and business networks, we have the expertise necessary to design the voice and data network solution your business requires. We will make the most of your LAN or WAN by addressing a full spectrum of issues including connectivity, availability, scalability, security, manageability and serviceability.

Strategic Decisions
Adopting new technology can be a risky business without a strategic outlook. We can help you minimize the risk with needs analysis that aligns your voice and data network technology strategy with your short and long term business strategies. We will help you understand and quantify the impact technology will have on your business and ensure that your decisions are justifiable. Systems included in a needs analysis may include telephones, wireless systems, computers, and servers, an Intranet, the Internet and your Web site.

Informed Investment
Our practical, unbiased approach will help you make informed decisions and invest your network technology dollars wisely. As a stand-alone service, or in conjunction with LAN/WAN Design and Installation, our needs analysis will be carefully focused to meet your unique business goals and objectives.

Core Competencies
We believe success in today's competitive marketplace hinges on making the right decisions. One of the toughest can be deciding whether or not to outsource all or part of your voice and data network operations. Often, the question is not whether you can manage it all yourself, but should you? Outsourcing your voice and data network functions to our affiliates will allow you to focus on your core competencies and profit centers. A few of the many benefits of an outsourcing strategy include reducing and control operating costs, improving company focus, gaining access to expert capabilities, and freeing resources for other purposes. Our goal is to build a sustainable, cooperative relationship that benefits your business and ours.