Solid Foundation
All voice and data networks rely on efficient cabling systems. We specialize in installing cabling within new, refurbished or existing premises, no matter how challenging. Structured cabling provides the critical backbone of a communication system.

From design and installation, video cabling, fiber optics, and rack/data cabinet cleanup to converged networking, server room solutions, and voice communications, our service provides a fully comprehensive solution.

A complete solution - from a single outlet to a complete new installation. Designed to accommodate frequent moves, adds and changes, a structured cabling system is the foundation of the network. No other component in your network has a longer life cycle or requires such close consideration.

Team Work
We pay special attention to the quality of craftsmanship provided on all of our installations. Our installation contractors are made up of only qualified and properly trained technicians working under the direction of an on-site supervisor. Together the Project Manager and Installation Supervisor make sure that the contracted scope of work is performed on time and within budget. Upon completion of the installation and cable termination phases of the project the installation team will perform the specified industry standard testing. When requested, state of the art certification and documentation can be provided. All points of termination will be properly labeled in accordance with the job specification. On all our projects and or when requested, the lead technician from the installation team will be assigned to be on hand the first day the new cabling infrastructure is put into service.

Stable & Efficient
We provide our customers with the most cost effective, efficient, and practical solution possible. We can perform in-depth testing and certification of virtually any type of data cabling. All testing is performed based on the industry standards as established and published by recognized boards and committees.

  • Meet the connectivity requirements for voice, data, and audio/video
  • Address any practical integration of other systems and or services
  • Provide a uniform cabling plan including all termination's
  • Comply with all applicable local, federal, and state codes
  • Comply with the appropriate industry standards.
  • Provide flexibility for future expansion and or modifications
  • Detailed layouts for patch panels and distribution frames, etc